A good day

September 23, 2008

If you are already jealous of us, this is a blog entry you might want to skip. Two good things happened yesterday. #1 Our electricity/water/sewage bill came. Not many people would say that is a good thing, but for one month it came to Dhs 217 (approx. $59.00). Our water bill alone back in Ptld was $50.00/mo. So, considering that we have the air conditioning going 24/7, $59.00 is pretty amazing.

#2 We went up to the roof last night and swam in the pool. We could see the beautiful city lights from up there. It was great to swim under the stars. It was warmer outside than in the pool, so when we got out we weren’t shivering. A very pleasant evening indeed and one that bears repeating.

One of our orientation sessions was about culture shock and the stages one goes through after moving to a new country. This included an initial high followed by depression followed by a return to balance. I keep asking Paul when the depression is going to hit. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of it. Going to the immigration office gives me the heeby geebies, but that’s as close as I’ve come.


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