Awkward restaurant experience

September 27, 2008

So last weekend we went to a restaurant in an expensive hotel to meet up with the Mac Users Group for Iftar (meal that breaks the daily fast). The cost was Dhs 158 each (somewhere in the neighborhood of $40.00 each). These dinners are usually buffets with a range of rice and meat dishes (and not much in the way of veggies). They had salmon, so I was happy. I will let Paul fill you in on the rest of that evening. I only mention it to set up the rest of this story.

A couple of nights ago we went out to walk in the neighborhood and Paul wanted to drop into the Iranian restaurant that he had seen on one of his earlier explorations of the area. We ended up approaching from the backdoor, rather than the front due to signage confusion. It was locked, so we started to go in search of the front door, but they opened it and said “Yes, sir?” So, they let us in the backdoor, then asked if we had reservations. Oh, oh. We did not. However, they proceeded to put us in a private room. The buffet was the usual meat and rice fare – no salmon ;-( So, as the evening progressed and we were getting the private room treatment, we began to wonder what this meal was going to cost us. It was a whopping Dhs 108 for the two of us (approx. $27 total).

We’re not sure if they put us in the private room because they didn’t have any other tables available, or because we were caucasians, or because that’s what they do with people who don’t have a reservation… It may have been to segregate us because there were no women in the main room. Restaurants often have “family rooms.” They are very concerned with separating “bachelors” from women (because of ogling). Family rooms tend to be noisy and full of kids running around poorly supervised, so I’ve decided that the next time someone says they are putting us in the family room, I will beg them not to. I’d rather be in a room of staring men than one full of uncontrolled children.


One comment

  1. That is so funny, Kanga! The part about the men and children! It made me laugh. Which is good, cuz I am sick and can’t find a book.

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