Road Trip #1 – First Stop – Sharjah

October 5, 2008

So, we hopped in a car with two of my co-workers and headed out to see something beyond Dubai. Dubai and Sharjah are two cities that are right up against each other. We can see Sharjah from the college. So, even though we had left Dubai, it was a case of little change in scenery because there is no break. The same with Ajman, which is on the other side of Sharjah. We navigated successfully to one of the historical sites in Sharjah. Here are the resulting pictures:
This is across the street from the Sharjah Heritage Center. I took it for the contrast between the new tall buildings in the background and the older, shabbier buildings in the foreground.
The Heritage Center is a large area of historic buildings which include an old style souk (market). Old style, if you don’t count the air conditioning.
This is the entrance to the Islamic Museum, which was closed. We are not sure if it was closed due to the holiday or some other reason. It was easy to see what was closed, because there were large padlocks on the doors.

Again, contrast of old and new.

As we entered the heritage center, there was a large courtyard area. As you can see, we did not encounter a lot of other tourists. It is still too hot for there to be a lot of people venturing out.

I’m not sure exactly what this was – possibly a replica of a city gate. That was closed off and propped up with poles (not looking too sturdy), so we did not venture behind it to discover what was there.

This is the outer wall. It is constructed of pieces of corral (as in corral reefs, of which there are many here). When you don’t have forests, you make structures out of other stuff!
This is the aforementioned large courtyard showing the outer wall and the modern world beyond.

I have more pictures of other things we did that day. Will post them separately in days to come.


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  1. Thanks again for taking us with you. I taught ESL this week and all the Muslim kids were gone. I look forward to sharing your adventure with them as they’re always impressed that Americans would go where they are from and try to invest in people like them.

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