Not Unusual Here

October 17, 2008

If you scare easily or are already afraid for our safety, don’t read any further.

Unfortunately, the driving exhibited by the SUV in the YouTube video below is not unusual here. Aggressive driving here is beyond belief. They honk, they flash their lights, they tailgate like nobody’s business and lane lines are considered mere suggestions.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOW-3SCSDw0 (You might want to mute it for language content.)

Add rampant jaywalking and you have an average day in Dubai.

Amazingly, we’ve only witnessed one accident in the two months we’ve been here. We were standing at a bus stop and heard a delivery truck slam on his breaks trying to avoid the taxi that was cutting in front of him. He didn’t make it. He yelled at the taxi driver who acted like it was just another day on the job. No biggie.

Everyone drives aggressively, but they are also constantly aware of what everyone else is doing. Does that count as driving defensively? As a passenger, I’ve gotten fairly jaded and it doesn’t phase me anymore. It is amazing how close people drive to each other and manage to not collide. I suspect that Paul will do all the driving when we finally get wheels. He didn’t like my driving in the States, he definitely won’t like it here. I would fit right in. 😉


One comment

  1. In my travels I have found that the US has amazingly calm drivers comparatively. Actually, this looks like a typical day on the Houston or Nashville freeways =)

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