The Road to Al Ain – without Dorothy Lamore

October 17, 2008

On Monday, my coworkers and I drove to Al Ain for a meeting with all the library supervisors in the college system. We drove out of town past the camel race track, so we saw camels being exercised. (Sorry, no pictures). The road to Al Ain is long and mostly straight. It is notorious for accidents because some drivers really put the pedal to the metal.
Lots of bushes and trees grow along the sides of the road giving the illusion of green, but in some of the other photos you will see what lay a short distance beyond this green fringe — red dunes.

My camera doesn’t do such a good job of getting the true color. These pictures are pale in comparison to the real thing.

This is the wall around what is generally referred to as “the unfinished palace.” It was quite ornate and impressive. Construction has been stalled due to financial concerns. Some say it was questioned exactly where the funds were coming from…

The following pictures are of the dirt devil that crossed the road in front of us. I didn’t expect any of these pictures to come out due to the fact that we were in constant motion, but I kept snapping just in case.

I enjoyed the trip. It was nice to get out of the city and see something new. Having come from Oregon High Desert, I think the desert has a beauty all its own. Everyone in the car is fairly new to the UAE, so we would point and say “camel” everytime we saw one. There were some in pasture areas and also some roaming about loose nibbling on bushes.


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  1. Just a note, this storm was very cool! Our photos of dust dribbles or outright waves of debris have not turned out well at all. It is cool to see tumbleweeds flying across the road, though!

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