The Food Court

October 25, 2008

Eating in a food court here is not like eating in a food court stateside. Oh, it looks like a food court with a common area with tables and chairs surrounded by small “restaurants.” The entrees, however, are a bit more expensive here (approximately $8). The food you get isn’t what you would get in the states. Below is a picture of our fish and chips entrees which consist of a large slab of fish.
This evening we ate at a Chinese restaurant in a food court. They brought out plates, silverware, and the food in serving bowls. There was no styrofoam, plastic tray, paper cup, etc. I got fresh squeezed orange juice in a glass glass. With tip it cost $27 for the both of us. They don’t really seem to have caught the idea of fast food here. You can get standard fast food if you go to an American franchise like MacDonalds or Subway, but the local establishments still act like actual restaurants.



  1. You’re not trying to imply that McDonalds and Subway aren’t “actual” restaurants, are you? ‘Cause that could get you a defamation of cuisine lawsuit back here in the states!

  2. There is no “rest” in fast food restaurant.

  3. Honestly, that fish looks like 2 meals here! We thought we had large portions. It looks goo though. What is the sauce on the side? Too small for the fries and not “tartar sauce” for the fish, so just wondering.

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