Multicultural culture

October 28, 2008

I’ve been thinking about writing about racial relations here, although I don’t think I fully understand it, yet. I doubt that there is a more multicultural place on Earth. However, people seem to get along fairly well. We hear stories of taxi drivers who refuse to pick up people of particular races, but have not witnessed this ourselves. There probably are instances of discrimination and friction, but it isn’t as obvious or problematic as it is in the states.

Yesterday, at lunch with my coworkers, it came up in conversation that saying “Merry Christmas” has been a controversial issue in the states and that you should say “Happy Holidays” instead. The East Indians at the table asked “why?” We told them it was because someone of a different religion might be offended. They scoffed at this. It would never occur to them to be offended by someone else’s religious celebrations.



  1. That is funny. A young friend brought up the topic of ‘universal freedom’ and how America is too hampering to people and their rights to freedom. I suggested that we need boundries in order to be truly free, but was scoffed. By the by…..Happy almost Halloween!!!

  2. So nice to hear that my thoughts on this issue (Merry Christmas) are correct. I wished my Muslim students Happy Ramadan (and had something to discuss with them thanks to you.) Why would anyone be upset if someone said “Happy Hanukkah” if they were celebrating? I’m always interested in race relations. You say multicultural; have you seen eastern Europeans? Here the girls especially avoid most Africans and Middle Eastern students. ~Linda

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