Down our street

October 31, 2008

It was 77F when we left the apartment this morning. We thought we’d take a little walk before it got too hot.

This is the police station just down the street from our apartment building.
The rapid transit train will make its transition from being an elevated train to a subway here. You can see the support columns getting progressively shorter.

Notice the men in the picture above. Two of the men on the right are wearing lungi (or dhoti) instead of pants. This is basically a single piece of cloth about 5 yds long that is wrapped around and knotted at the waist. The man on the left is apparently African and wearing a caftan type garment.
In the picture above, our apartment building is just above the head of the guy in the foreground.

I attempted to get this hotel that is under construction in one shot, but it was impossible. And, yes that is a plane flying over it. We frequently see planes flying in for a landing, but there isn’t a noise issue.

This amazes me. They have brought in this large metal platform and will be attaching the concrete sections that will connect the columns and support the train track soon.

Yes, that is the same plane as in the previous photo.
This is the path we take on a daily basis to go to and from our apartment. On the left is the train construction and on the right is a new building being built. This particular building is slow going up and is being done the hard way. Probably not as well funded as most construction projects are.
The black spot way in front of Paul is a stray cat. We both carry a small bag of cat food with us so that we can give a little treat to the stray cats we encounter. He was a cutey. Very lean, but looked healthy. He had a hard time choosing between being petted and eating the food we gave him.
He broke my heart by following us and meowing pitiously. The cats here are very long legged, have big ears and very long tails. They have very little fur due to the heat. Every cat I’ve met so far has had an incredibly loud voice.



  1. LOLOL, we had a teen age cat show up on our porch over Halloween. I called him Juneau..Cuz, didju know we don’t need another cat?? He has place to sleep and a can of cat food..think he’ll stay????

  2. Can you adopt Nipper?

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