More miscellaneous stuff

November 26, 2008

We frequently buy stuff just because the name is odd or amusing. Hence, the Want sandwich biscuits.
Or the Groundnut Balls (peanuts and carmel coating = carmel corn without the corn) Yummy.
We’ll give you three guesses as to what cereal this is, but you should only need one.
And, yes, we can get some Bob’s Red Mill products here.
It is a challenge to find skin lotion here, because most brands claim to make you fairer — lighten your skin color. I don’t really need to lighten my skin color unless I want to be invisible altogether. I managed to find a non-whitening brand that works well and is very cheap. I think it was about $0.55 for 150 ml (no idea what that is in ounces and I’m too lazy to look it up).

As for canned goods (L’s comment/question), there is a very common bean here called “foul,” so there are all kinds of cans of Foul this and Foul that. Kinda off putting. The beans are very similar to lima beans, but easier to tolerate — less foul you might say.

Another food oddity, lamb feet packaged in the meat counters seem to come in threes. Not sure what happens to the fourth. You can also get a whole head (lamb’s head, that is) at the meat counter with the eyeballs still in it. Mmm..mmm.

They show Survivor on the tv here, but they also have their own version in Arabic with Arabic speaking contestants called “Tons of Cash.” The whole program is in Arabic except the title.


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