Answers to questions

December 2, 2008

Yes, English is an official language here. So everyone speaks it to some degree, although with one of our security guards (in the apartment building) if you get beyond “hello, sir” and “goodbye, sir” he’s lost. The other security guard is from Nepal and was delighted when Paul said hello to him in Nepalese. His English is better, so Paul talks with him sometimes. At the college, all instruction is done in English, although the ladies (as the students are called) come in with varying levels of English and much of the instruction is to get them up to speed in the language.

The standard work week is Sunday through Thursday. Friday is the holy day. Most people have Friday off, except for the construction workers, service workers, retail clerks. The malls open in the afternoon on Friday. Some people work 7 days a week, but it may be by choice. They are here to make money to support their family back home.

Germany will be appearing in future blog entries. I won’t be taking my computer, but Paul will have his and we are supposed to have internet access in our hotels. I will be whipping my camera out frequently. It is supposed to be 39-44F in Heidelberg, so we may not have pictures of snow.


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