More Heidelberg

December 9, 2008

Welcome to Heidelberg. This is the Galeria Kaufhof, a major department store with a tram and bus transit area in front of it. Notice all the bicycles. They are everywhere.
A closer view showing some of the Christmas market booths. Great sausages, mulled wine and sweets.
The Galeria Kaufhof has a glass elevator and these are shots from there.

Here is the Hauptstrasse. A main street primarily for pedestrians (vehicles venture here only to make deliveries). It is a long and pleasant walk and the Germans do walk a lot.
Street musician playing Christmas music on steel drums.

Proof that sushi is everywhere. This was one of three or four sushi restaurants we saw.
Paul and Professor Bunsen, of bunsen burner fame.
Heidelberg is a very pleasant, low key town. We highly recommend it. The food is great. The weather was exactly what we were hoping (although a little snow would have been nice). It hovered around 40F and was rainy.

History is all around you everywhere you go in this city. The buidlings are hundreds of years old (the ones that survived WWII, anyway). We went to one of the museums. There was a Roman settlement here and the Romans built a massive bridge across the Neckar river. The museum has several of the timbers from that bridge on display. It amazes me to see something biodegradable like that that has survived and to be able to touch it.


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