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Koln – Christmas Market

December 11, 2008

We went to the Christmas market around the cathedral on Saturday morning and the crowd was this thick throughout. It was the happenin’ place to be.
There was also a cute little Christmas “train” running (no tracks and rubber tires).

Down by the river was a Christmas market on a boat. It was 2 euros just to set foot on board, so we skipped it.

We stopped at the tourist information center to ask for directions to the nearest post office. We had this lofty idea that we were going to send our Christmas presents from here and it would be less expensive than sending them from UAE. Anyway, the tourist bureau clerk sent us into the shopping mall and told us it would be easy to find. HA! First of all, the “shopping mall” is a several block radius of open streets with lots of stores and as you can see lots of shoppers. Secondly, her directions were not good and we walked way further than necessary. So, suffice it to say that nothing got mailed from Germany. When you only have two days and you are sick and you need shipping boxes and tape and to find a post office in a strange town on foot, it’s not such a great plan.