Koln – Cathedral

December 12, 2008

The Dom St. Peter und Santa Maria or Cologne Cathedral or Kolner Dom or just The Dom. No matter what you call it, it is massive and amazing. It is impossible to get it all in one picture without being a mile away. I am ignorant of art and architecture history, so will not try to tell you what style it is, etc. Construction was started in 1248 AD and completed in 1880 according to my guide book.

Beautiful tiled floors. The interior was too dark for successful picture taking, except for the stained glass windows.
Below – I think this is the Mailander Madonna (ca 1290), however the picture in my guide book has the image reversed with Mary looking her right instead of to her left. Maybe it’s a different statue altogether.

The colors in the windows were vibrant, amazing reds, blues, pinks. Very beautiful.
Below is what I think to be the Shrine of the Three Kings. They claim to have relics of the three wise men. I am guessing about what things are because all signage was in German only. The idea of multilingual signage for the sake of tourists has not caught on in Germany. So I am comparing to my travel guide book and making my best guess.
Don’t know which Bishop this was, but liked the design of his resting place.
The church was very impressive and beautiful. It was also packed with tourists like us taking it all in. We had hoped to take the guided tour, but they only do one on Sundays and we missed it.


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  1. I love Koln, but haven’t always had the best luck there. I’ve found Germans to be tidy, loud, and practical. Signage is in multiple languages when it is profitable. People will look at the cathedral regardless of translation. Museums that depend on tourists more frequently add English and sometimes French and Spanish. It’s all about the Euro. ~Linda

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