Kitty fun

January 8, 2009

When I arrived at work yesterday one of the campus cats was laying on the mat in front of the door, so I stopped to pet her. Now that the weather is cooler, they actually have fur and are more pleasant to pet. In the 120F summer heat they shed to the point of being almost hairless.

A short time later I was sitting in my office and I heard her meowing. They tend to have very big voices here, so I thought “Wow, I can hear her all the way inside the building.” Then the meowing got louder and I, being brilliant, put two and two together and went looking for her. She had just entered the periodicals room and was roaming around to investigate. So, I talked to her and picked her up telling her we should take a walk outside where she belongs. We headed for the door, but one of my coworkers had called custodial to come and remove the cat, so I tried to hand her off to him, but he had NO idea how to handle a cat and she was soon loose again. I thought that she would now give us a chase, having been handled roughly, but she laid down on the floor and rolled over, so I was able to pick her up and take her for a walk away from the entrance of the library myself.

That was my big excitement for the day.


One comment

  1. only a cat person should evict a cat from a place where it has meandered. And sometimes we have trouble, too!!!!

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