Follow up on cats – K’s question

January 10, 2009

The cats hang out on campus because they are welcome. I suspect they help keep the rodent population down. The college sees to it that they are neutered/spayed and the security guards feed them. There are stray cats everywhere in the city, so a few wandering onto campus is not surprising. In fact, they are the lucky ones.

I haven’t seen any evidence of the cats chasing or catching birds. Birds are also welcome on campus. Much of the landscaping is done to attract the birds. (Although, I do wonder if the myna bird population might reach critical mass some day soon.) Some of the birds are too big for the cats to easily take down – mynas, doves, pigeons, and hoopoes, but there are also smaller birds that would make an easy target. I suspect that the cats are content with mice and kitty kibble.

As for my library wandering kitty, I saw her as I was leaving campus Thursday and I sat down on a bench and beaconed to her. She came running to be petted, jumped up on the bench and cuddled up beside me. She kept rubbing her chin on me, so I think our relationship was not harmed by my refusing to let her wander the library freely. She even purred for me.


One comment

  1. Wow..they fix the cats? That would be the good life. All the food, hugs, and pettings you want, no kittens to worry about and all the freedom a cat desires! Thank you for the answers!

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