Amusing toys

January 16, 2009

So, I’ve resorted to video to share some things that I thought would be better that way than through still photos, (although my video techniques leave a great deal to be desired). These are odd things we found in the store that is in the first two floors of our apartment building. We are often amused by what we see there, but we are easily amused.


We nearly hurt ourselves laughing at the toys. They are all knock off of brand toys or very strange things that make little sense. We paid a whopping Dhs 10 for the Desert Warrior Camel (approx. $2.70) and you know what they say, you get what you pay for! I know that once you see it you will all want one for your very own. Don’t worry, you will all find a Desert Warrior Camel in your stocking next Christmas!


We also dropped a wad of $$ at Daiso, one of our favorite stores. It is all things Japanese (and cheap). I didn’t really need it, but I had to buy a blank book that had a cover showing a hedgehog, two spools of thread, three buttons and some stitches. It also said “Is preparing the sewing set. What shall I make today? I am unexpectedly good at the needlework thing.” How could I pass that up. I suppose I will need to find something to write in it about sewing, or something. I am, however, unexpectedly good at the needlework thing. Ha!



  1. I was very amused! I cannot wait to show my family these! So, do the desert warriors also wear sailor hats???? Those are awesome!!! Or should I have said, sailor hat? And perhaps the scary striped squirrel was a Redwall offshoot????? Or just off???

  2. I found out how to comment and left the comment on the wrong entry. Oh well. I do believe that a guitar could be a weapon in some hands.

  3. It wouldn’t let me make anymore comments!!! So, I have to share with you my family’s response. S had no idea why a desert camel warrior guy would march to Axel Foley’s tune and laughed and said, OMgarsh..J thinks he might be a take off of El Kabong. Thanks for the silly toys. And all I have on our end is a moose that poops out brown candies….ewwwww.
    Hugs, K

  4. XD *dies* The faucet, “sponge”, and “giraffe” kill me. I also liked the “dolphin” and the Redwall defender squirrel. 😀

  5. XD Nice. WOOT! Desert Warrior Camel fights with the power of CRAZY FROG! EAR HIM!!

  6. All Hail the Desert Warrior Camel!!!!


  7. These are hilarious! Transformers? Pfft…Desert warriors are where it’s at! Haha, I really have to get me one of those. 😉

  8. You guys are officially my favorite people ever!


  9. I so appreciate you’re travel log. When I was in Dubai it was for only about 30 min. and they did not let us off the airplane. But Troy and I were there. By the way, I loved the camel.


  10. Clearly the word is out that you are living the true life of an expat! I am so looking forward to my very own Desert Warrior Camel. Do I have to wait for Christmas? My birthday is in May. . . Now my husbands wants to know why I’m laughing out loud. Love you guys. Gotta show Paul a truly unique toy.

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