Another high pressure, stressful day in Dubai ;-)

January 22, 2009

It began with a Shuffle-gazine business lunch at a Mexican restaurant (Americanized Mexican food – rare here). Yummy!
The restaurant was located along the beach.
The red arrow above points to the Atlantis Hotel which opened a few months ago with the enormous fireworks display and was apparently all over the US news considering how many of you asked about it.
Here is the view looking away from the beach.

There is an inlet that serves as a marina.
Here is Paul working — slaving away — at, yes, Starbucks. [a contrite hanging down of the head] They have a free wireless hot spot, so what can we say?

Then it was off to the Madinat Jumeirah. [See previous post from September 9, 2008 for first mention of this place] We had dinner amidst all the tourists.
Here’s Paul in his new black shirt enjoying a nice meal outside. We try to sit outside whenever possible now to appreciate it while we can. Some places actually have heat on inside which is really unpleasant and doesn’t make sense because they air condition to a much lower temperature in the summer.



  1. I like Paul’s new black shirt and you looked very spiffy, too, Kanga in that first photo that was taken by????? And what is Paul’s job that he needs to partake of the free internet at Starbucks????

  2. The beard mesmerizes!

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