Hamariya Beach Revisit

January 29, 2009

Thursday we took a drive. I wanted to get out of the city limits at least once during mid-semester break. So, we returned to Hamariya Beach to see what it is like when the weather is cool enough for us to stand being out of the car. [See original posts about this beach – Sept 29 and Oct 9, 2008]
Paul mentioned the irony that we have now dipped our toes in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, but not the Atlantic. (We were in So. Carolina a few years back and drove up to where we could see the ocean, but it was raining so heavily that we couldn’t get out of the car.)
These pictures don’t do the place justice. The water is a brilliant aqua color.
The beach is littered with shells (and only a little garbage litter). The “sand” is more pulverized shells than actual sand which makes it feel sharp to the feet. Like walking on broken glass.
My feet were a little tender after all this, but no injuries. When we reached our next destination and I went to roll down my pants, I discovered my legs were covered in shell bits like scales or glitter. I was for a moment Aquawoman! Anyway, still had a few shell scales on my legs at bed time, so had to scrub them off. (Click on the image below to see what I’m really talking about close up.)

There is a sharp drop off a short distance into the water, so this is not a place for swimming. The undercurrent is probably deadly. There were some people there with boats apparently fishing, but we were the only silly tourists walking around barefoot and getting into the cold water. (It was cool at best by PNW standards. This would have passed for a hot summer’s day on the Oregon coast.)
This is one of my favorite places in the U.A.E.


One comment

  1. I want to visit your beach. Shells and all….it looks so unrealistic after seeing the photos of the city nearby.

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