Sea shells

January 31, 2009

We succumbed to the temptation to pick up shells.
The coin (for size comparison) is a dirham. (Sorry, I think I may have an American penny around somewhere, but I divested myself of all US Currency in our first week here.) It is slightly bigger than a US quarter and, interestingly, worth slightly more ($0.27).

There is a fair amount of variety in type of shell as well as size. The most common (or most hardy) are the ones in the center bottom of the picture above. The second most common were the orange striped ones in the center of the picture below.
The ones pictured below were the most difficult to find. They don’t weather the surf very well, as you can see by the condition of some of these.
If you turn them over, you will find a bonus in the little shells that are crammed into the openings of these. The second one down on the right is completely cemented with little shells and “sand.” I was afraid that when it dried out, it would come apart.
What astonishes me is that they start life out so very small in such a harsh environment and manage to survive to get to be this size. (Some get much larger, until they end up in a souq shop as a collector’s item.) Just amazed at the beauty, wonder, variety and complexity of this world that supposedly had no Creator/Designer. Unlike Tinkerbell, the Creator’s existence doesn’t depend on wheather we clap or not. Personally, I’m clapping.



  1. wow…those are gorgeous! And now I know where all the teeny shells come from in shell shops on the coast. I use them in craft projects, but always wondered where they might have come from. They are so awesome and intricate and if I did not spell that right, I am sorry!

  2. Wow! That almost makes me want to come to Dubai. Except for the long flight, the expense, the weather…

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