A brief note…

February 15, 2009

A brief explanation for those of you reading this blog who live in or around the U.A.E. — This blog isn’t meant for you. The purpose of this blog is for us to keep in touch with our family and friends back home who are unlikely to ever set foot in the U.A.E. That is why there are so many pictures and why we explain things in detail as if we are talking to people who don’t experience these things on a daily basis.

You will find that there is a definite positive tone to our blog because we really DO love it here. We came here by choice and have not regretted it for a minute. So, yes, six months was something important to us and we thought it might be important to the people we left behind who have been missing us for six months.

If you don’t like Dubai, you won’t like our blog either.



  1. I love your blog!!! It brings us another side of the world we wouldn’t see!!! CNN does not cover real life.

  2. Thank you for all the pictures and all the explanations. We are enjoying it. I wish we could come visit. You have made Dubai look very inviting (until I think of the heat). Dad and I (in fact the whole family) are enjoying your blog and are happy that you love it there. Love you! Gerry/Mom

  3. Somehow I stumbled onto your blog – you know how these things happen – and I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to read accounts by expats who love Dubai.

    I moved to the UAE in 98 and everyone seemed to love the country/Dubai/Abu Dhabi then, but over the years people have become more negative and critical and there are far more blogs that complain than celebrate. My response is ‘leave’. If they don’t like it they should simply move on but obviously Dubai offers them a richer life (in more ways than one) than their life at ‘home’.

    I realise the place isn’t perfect but I also appreciate what it offers. It’s nice to see you do too. You may wish to check out my own blog. You might even have one of my books on your shelf, who knows. Shame you missed the bull-butting but good to see you enjoyed the bits of it you experienced anyway!

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