Amusing Toy, part three

March 7, 2009

Here’s the March edition of amusing toys.
Superman: Dream Hope Justice Courage. (Not Truth, Justice and the American Way)
Light music, fluctuant revolving, battery operated, spining colorful
Light, music, all direction tun
So wonderful 100% and the best design new thing
Superman trample the bicycle
The ideal paradise of friends
Eye contain light
Head would or so swing
Feet ministry sport
Resulting in the wheel goes forward
Bump and go action engine

(Yes, I’ve had a hair cut. Just thought I’d get that question out of the way.)



  1. Hey, that’s not Superman; it’s Ultraman!

    I’m wondering… do these very entertaining toys come from the usual Asian sources, or are they made somewhere in the Middle East?

  2. I’ll try to comment again. It cut me off the first time.

    I don’t care where that thing comes from, don’t bring me one. I would, however, like to see a warrior camel with his guitar playing rider.


  3. Jon said that thing would have scared him to death!!! And he wondered why all the eyes have strange lights in them…I said I would ask.

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