Answers to your questions

March 12, 2009

Questions have been piling up, so here are some answers.

Are we coming back “home?” and will we bring the furniture we are buying with us? ***Don’t really know. Here’s the deal. We came here with the intention of staying until it is time to retire, which should be around 20 years. 1/2 of the first year down, 19 1/2 to go. So, we are buying good quality furniture that will last. Now, most anything could happen and we might not stay the full 20 years. We do intend to ship the best pieces to wherever we might move. It will cost a bundle, because they are hardwood and heavy and worth it.

Jon and anyone else is welcome to visit. We recommend January. The weather is wonderful then and I have two weeks off, perfect for sight seeing.

The toys are made in China. No, they have not been tested for lead content, but I wasn’t planning on putting them in my mouth.

Why do all the toys (so far) have flashing lighted eyes? ***No idea. Perhaps they are part of a plot to overstimulate children.

If men gather for kushti wrestling, what do women do for fun? ***Unknown. There are probably interesting things going on, but we haven’t discovered them, yet.


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