Full service restaurant

April 2, 2009

We made a new friend at our favorite restaurant last night. There were actually two stray cats hanging around. This is the “baby” and the mother was mostly white with a little bit of tabby stripes on her head. Paul offered them some food, but they were not interested. Just wanted to be petted.
I never cease to be amazed at how long legged the cats here are. Their tails are long and narrow, too. These pictures don’t really show the lankiness of these cats. This one has beautiful dark amber eyes. Very pretty. I was sorely tempted to take him/her home, but we haven’t come up with a viable summer plan for pets. Can’t really take them with us and can’t leave them alone for two months.
Here’s another stray, but he travels well, so I take him home.

P.S. The comments on the last post just prove that the name of this blog should be “For Gerry, Kristen and Linda.”



  1. Steve and I have decided that this is the most beautiful cat ever. Tony, via phone call, suggested that if you can get it home, our house was offered as a place for it to live!!! Note, this refers to the first stray and not the last. We already have enough bearded entities around here.

  2. And aren’t we worth it?
    P.S. taking a cat home would mean not taking the other 100 or so, right?

    P.S.S.momsir wouldn’t bother me as much as being called ma’am all the time. I think it is a rude word used only to irritate my mom (and now me!)

  3. hello, just reading through your blogs:)
    what is your fav restaurant, i want to try and guess by the treess on the side and the waiter with a bow tie but couldn’t think of it 🙂

  4. Our favorite restaurant is Aroos Damascus on Muraqqabat street.

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