Ibn Battuta Mall

April 10, 2009

We finally went to Ibn Battuta Mall, which is a lengthy drive from our side of town, so that is why it has taken us so long. It is very beautiful and a revisit is certainly on our list of things to do. Perhaps on a day and time when there will be few other people there, so that we can take our time and look at everything and read the informational plaques. Ibn Battuta was a scholar and world traveler. This mall is designed to illustrate some of his travels and serves as an educational museum exhibit as well as a shopping opportunity.
So, here’s our first picture of Daddybird posing with a camel and it is an almost life sized stuffed toy camel. We didn’t find a price tag on it. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Notice there are two baby camels also. And that lens louse Bert is poking his head in just to get into the picture! This store was pretty amazing. They had life sized giraffes, a buffalo, a moose, etc. The koala bear, however, was gigantic and not at all life sized. Unfortunately, my pictures did not turn out, so will have to try again on our next visit.
The parts of the mall represent some of the countries that Ibn Battuta traveled to – China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia. In each section is a large rotunda/courtyard area with some pretty amazing decorations. I think this is Andalusia with a beautiful fountain with water spitting lions.
In the China courtyard is a lifesize boat. Quite amazing.
Judging from the lifesize elephant, I’m going to guess this was India. Like I said, we need to go back when we have time to stop and read the information and learn a little something.

I’m sad that my pictures of the Eqypt section didn’t come out. I did take some video which I will upload in a few days that will give you a larger view of things.
This wasn’t Mecca, but it seems like it to me. A Borders bookstore…ahhhh.


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