Daddybird on the Radio

April 23, 2009


Here is a podcast of Daddybird on the radio last night. He’s only in the second hour, so you may have to fast forward to the middle part.

Kristina, Daddybird, Sanjive on Nightline, Dubai Eye radio

Kristina, Daddybird, Sanjive on Nightline, Dubai Eye radio

How did he come to be on the radio, you ask? Just another unexpected event in our Dubai lives. A few weeks ago, at the “tweet up” with the shisha, Melanie mentioned “barcamp” and suggested we do one here in Dubai. Kedar took it to heart and started the process of planning one. Daddybird volunteered to help. Masarat, the producer of this radio show, is also a Twitterer and read about this event which inspired her to suggest the planners be interviewed on the radio. This is how he ended up on the radio being interviewed with Kedar, Kristina, and Sanjive, the other bar camp planners.

What is a tweet up? A casual meeting of people who know each other through Twitter and communicate arrangements for the meet up via Twitter.

What is Twitter? It usually sounds dumb when described, so just go to http://search.twitter.com/search?q=kangayayaroo and read what I’ve been tweeting to get an idea. It’s just short communications which sometimes turn into conversations.

What is barcamp? Basically, it is an impromptu “unconference” where people just show up and talk about what they are interested in a fairly unstructured setting.

Sanjive (left) and Kedar (right)

Sanjive (left) and Kedar (right)



  1. wow! If I were you two, I would NEVER come home. Over here, most exciting things are Jon getting his permit and we found the end of the UGS system that was cut off last summer.

  2. I have wanted to leave you a comment for some time now. I found your blog through my cousins and I was instantly hooked! I hope that you don’t mind if I continue to keep up with your adventures! I am fascinated with your explorations, your finds and you new way of life! I have a young family that keeps me PLENTY busy, and though I look forward to some day traveling with my husband, I currently live vicariously through others adventures! LOL! 🙂 I’m curious, how do you know my cousins Eli and Shannon Milliman. Perhaps they found your site just as I did???… Anyhow, thank you for sharing you life.

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