May 4, 2009

Friday we went to the theatre to see XMen Origins: Wolverine. This was my first theatre experience here. Daddybird went to see The Watchmen, but I boycotted due to the fact that it had been substantially censored and I want to see the original as intended enough to wait until we get back to the States this summer or it comes out on DVD. But, I digress.

The theatre experience was quite pleasant. The seating is assigned when you buy your ticket, not general seating. So, we got the aisle seats in the third row, which sounds like it would be too close, but they don’t put seats right up to the screen like the theatres in the States. It was actually just right.

The corker is that the concessions don’t cost more than the tickets, as in the States. We got a large popcorn, water and a large Pepsi for less than the price of one ticket.

We, of course, stayed until the end of the credits, because we know there is usually a little extra, often important, scene at the end of the credits in these types of movies. I disdain all those who complained about Prof. X being killed in the last movie, because I know they didn’t have the good sense to stay to the end of the credits. This time the scene wasn’t very revealing or surprising, but it did open the possibility of a sequel set in Japan and involving Deathstrike, perhaps??? (Those of you who are not fans are probably not even remotely interested.)

As we left the room, I noticed that there were six men cleaning. It wasn’t that big of a room, but that is what cheap labor will get you.

It was nice to once again celebrate our anniversary with an XMen movie. They really should time them so there is one every year the first weekend in May, just for us.


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