May 9, 2009

I was feeling like we hadn’t had an adventure lately. Or maybe our adventures are getting too tame. Daddybird declared that we were going to take a walk in Naif, a nearby neighborhood. We had dinner at “Asia Restaurant.” Using Asia in the most liberal way. It was Indian food. I had “chicken fry” which is almost out of the picture – a skinless wing and breast cooked crispy and tasty. Daddybird had chicken biryani. The plate with tomatoes on it is actually chopped cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. The bread is freshly made flat bread. Does this look like $7.00 worth of food?

Look like $7 worth of food to you?

Look like $7 worth of food to you?

A common site in Naif is the gathering of hand trucks chained to a street sign. Apparently, this is how they store them when not in use. During the day there are guys moving goods from place to place with these hand trucks.

Common sight in Naif

Common sight in Naif

Here’s the Picadilly Hotel sign with a cupid. Not sure why they chose a cupid.
Someday I will do a montage of business signs. There seem to be three types – straightforward but boring business names, overly creative business names that tell you noting about the nature of the business, and those that seem like a really bad idea (like Exit Restaurant). This is one of those straightforward ones. Smokers Centre.
This last picture makes the whole evening worthwhile. Maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of the Electric Company that Daddybird got from Itunes. I used to love that show as a kid. It is still great and entertaining. Anyway, I love this sign. It says is all.

Picture worth a thousand words?

Picture worth a thousand words?



  1. HEY YOU GUYS!!! yup!! that is the best sign ever!!!(and as a kid, I wanted to grow up and be on the Electric Co!!)

  2. The food looks incredible! I can’t believe you got all that food for only $7 dollars! What a steal! As for the unusual signs… I wonder if they think we are as unusual as they seem to us! The language facinates me…I can’t imagine not having past present and future tenses to express myself! Love reading your blog, and living vicariously through your adventures! Hope all is well.

  3. That sign should be posted by a humped zebra crossing.

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