New Toys

May 20, 2009

Here it is, finally. Sorry to make you wait, but the fancier my videos get (title screens, captions, etc.), the longer it takes to produce them. Hope it was worth the wait.



  1. OMG!

  2. So that is why the clothes get chewed up in some washers. I always wondered.

  3. Besides the copyright and trademark infringement, that is the scariest thing for a child. I keep thinking about a child, scared out of her/his wits by the face and eyes, hearing the happy sound of a slave child slapping clothes on a rock somewhere. The cowboy looks normal next to Rabid Vampire Micky. Thanks for sharing the experience!

  4. Seriously, there must be some dark room somewhere in the world where they think these things up. Maybe it’s all random, with little slips of paper giving all possible combinations of details: “angry mouse” “laundry song” “sharp teeth” “twisted parody of a beloved cartoon figure”

    And apparently, every third slip says “flashing red eyes!”

    • No, I think flashing red eyes is on the default list.

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