Inexplicable use of English

May 22, 2009

We have a new favorite website – http://engrishfunny.com. A small warning — some of the content is not for children. It is a collection of pictures of signs and packaging with badly translated English. Very funny, especially since we see this stuff around us frequently.

Yesterday, I was in Abu Dhabi and saw a business sign “La Poupee.” We were driving by, so I didn’t see what kind of business it was, but even if it is French, it is a poor choice, I think.

Daddybird has a collection of pictures of nonsensical sayings on t-shirts. See a few of them below. I agree with Etlsac about the “slips of paper in a hat” theory related to the creation of the strange toys, but I also envision a sweatshop somewhere where the “designers” are given refrigerator poetry magnets and encouraged to arrange the words randomly to produce the slogan to be put on the t-shirts.

Feeling plueRoses grow wildland
Feeling plue indeed like the timre you didn’t do me

2 Cool2 cool fo school

SaturdayEveSaturday Evening Post — WORR — Unfortunately, the words at the bottom are illegible, but I am sure they didn’t make any sense.

DestroyCultureDream Dream — This beauty built by heart — Shining my personality — Destroy all of the culture — Bright Bright

LivingNonLivingLet’s play a fun game of Living – Non-living! Can peacocks sing? I’ve always wondered.

PenguinBearThis is a personal favorite. Daddybird saw this and thought someone had slipped that penguin into the bear’s pants as a joke. No, the penguin was sewn to the bear. It is supposed to be a set. I’m sure there is a world of tasteless penguin in your pants jokes, but I will refrain.


One comment

  1. The “destroy all culture” should have added “wear an ugly shirt.”

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