This is telling…

May 25, 2009

I met someone new today, so she asked the usual questions – How long have you been here? When she asked “Where is your home?” I immediately answered “Deira!” Then it dawned on me she meant where do I come from. Oops. So, there it is. Deira is officially my home.

We have less than a month before we get on a plane to head back to the states. Ever since we left the States, we’ve looked forward to being back and seeing friends and family again, telling tales of our adventures and catching up on what you all have been up to, but it has snuck up on us. It just seems too soon to be time to leave again. You should all come here!

This trip is problematic. I’ve been collecting a summer reading list, knowing that, at the rate I read, there won’t be enough time to read all those titles. I also don’t want to have to carry that much weight around. If I take too many books from here, where will I put all the books I buy at Powell’s Bookstore? The life of a librarian is hard. So many books, so little time. Audio books are looking better all the time. Hmmm… I wonder where my old public library card is…



  1. So I’m guessing you can’t get a Kindle in Dubai…

    • No Kindle in Dubai. With Internet shopping and global shipping, it is retarded that there is anything one can’t get. However, there is still a stupid fear that everyone on this side of the globe is a copyright/trademark breaking pirate who is just going to make knockoffs or mass produce copies. Meanwhile, legit customers can’t get the products and pirates have a customer base handed to them.

  2. OK, you have acclimated better than I..I still think I am A)from Alaska or B)from the coast when asked where my home is. I miss the coast almost more than Alaska..but if I was there, I would miss Alaska more!!! And books…you just gotta read! Jon and Steve prefer audio ones, though!

  3. having traveled with books and cherish them almost as much as family (ask my husband about getting me to get rid of a few) my final solution was to take books I could leave/donate. I understand the love thing, but you have to make room for more! And there is nothing wrong with having a reading list you can’t possibly finish; I mean, what would you do if you got to the end?
    On the “home” issue, I believe you are home if you have your “stuff”, not just your clothes. There are many places I could claim to be “from,” but where I am, there is home. Good job on making UAE home. I’d hate to hear you get a 3 year (?) vacation!

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