Indian desserts

June 20, 2009

We met a new friend last night, Ambreen. An young Indian woman who was born here and lived here in Dubai all her life. After a full dinner at the Special Ostadi Iranian restaurant, she took us to the Bombay Chowpatty (pronounced more like cha-pah-dy) restaurant for our introduction to Indian desserts.
I couldn’t get the whole length of the restaurant in one picture. In the center (right side of the above picture) is the cashier. You pay there for what you want. You get a separate receipt for each item which you then take to the area at the left (entrees) or to the right (desserts and beverages). You can eat standing on the sidewalk or in the small seating area.
bombaychowpatty2Below is Garam Jalebi (on the plate – curly sugary things) and Garam Gulab Jamun (dough balls that taste very similar to waffles or pancakes).


faloodaThis is Falooda Ice Cream which is a scoop of ice cream on top of a pink sugary liquid (kinda like Nestle strawberry milk). It was the vermicelli noodles that I wasn’t too crazy about. I haven’t figured out the Asian desserts or drinks with gelatin or noodles in them. I’m just not crazy about drinking lumps.

falooda2After a full meal and three desserts we were about to burst.



  1. Ian introduced me to boba tea which has large tapioca pearls in it. Drinks shouldn’t require chewing in my humble opinion!

  2. I agree, if you need to chew a drink, you need to find a food processor! On second thought, there are some pretty yummy milkshakes out there with bits of oreos or other treats. However, those treats are smallish and generally fall apart in the ice cream. A noodle in a straw would be a bit much, I think.

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