Short pause

June 22, 2009

We are on the verge of traveling, so there may be a brief pause in entries. Will share our experiences and what we see along the way as best we can. We will have internet access in most of our hotels.

But first I will leave you with a few random sites.

sportballsThese buildings house some sports organization. Hence, they look like basketballs.

philtonThese banners were all over Festival City mall. Spend just 1000AED and get a chance at winning Paris Hilton merchandise. Why on earth would I want her merchandise? I wish America would keep it’s wackadoo heiresses in the attic where they belong.

chefkhaleejWe see these kind of chef images all over town. This one almost looks Middle Eastern. It’s the beard. Most of the chef images look very plump and European.

sinyoritaHere we have Sinyorita Technical Photography, which I think speaks for itself.

abeerThis is Daddybird’s favorite. Probably doesn’t require any explanation either.


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