June 29, 2009

So here is the library where we stopped in to use the Internet (the Internet connection in our hotel was not working due to interference by another wireless network nearby using the same frequency.)
I found the narrow catwalk and shelving above interesting. I’m not sure I would be able to stand upright up there.
NewingtonLibrary3L2009 This library hasn’t ditched the Dewey Decimal system altogether, but they have rearranged in general subject areas more like a bookstore. Within the sections, they still arrange by Dewey. This hybrid arrangement is a little confusing, for example Psychology is 150, Health is 610 and Social Sciences are 300 in the DDC, yet here they all are together. Of course, this is of little interest to any of you, except my librarian friends.



  1. Interesting . . . How do the shelvers know where to shelve things?

    • I should have taken a picture of a spine label to show how it works. The labels had the general subject, like SCI for science followed by the Dewey class number. There were no cutter numbers, dates, volumes, etc. So, the shelver takes it to the Science shelf and then puts in in order by the Dewey number within that section. Not sure how they handle the Health/Psychology mixture. I didn’t examine those labels.

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