August 4, 2009

[First let me say that these pictures may give you trouble and not load quickly or completely. Try refreshing your browser screen or click on the spot where the picture should be to get it to appear.]

So, we got up early (actually didn’t sleep much due to noise from the disco night club somewhere near the hotel and when that died down the seagulls began screaming), checked out of the hotel and walked down to the museum.

We got in line at about 8:40 am and we entered the museum about 10:15 am.


I’ll post just a few of the works we found the most poignant or amusing. The exhibit included original paintings:


And animatronics:
BanksyChickMcNuggetsOne of Banksy’s main targets is McDonalds. These chicken McNuggets were animated and drinking out of the BBQ sauce cup. Kinda creepy.
BanksyJaguar1We approached this from the back and it looked like a very realistic Jaguar twitching it’s tail. However, from the front…
It is actually a fur jacket.

Banksy also likes to take paintings or prints by other artists, usually of idyllic scenes and add his own touch to them. These were sprinkled throughout the normal museum displays, so it was like hunting for Easter eggs.
When we left, this was the line of people waiting to go in.
We exited the museum a little after noon. The last bus from Hereford to Hay-on-Wye was at about 4 pm. It was clear we weren’t going to make it, no matter how good the train connections were. Had we gotten any sleep in the Clifton Hotel, I might have suggested we stay another night, but it was noisy, shabby and overpriced. So, we headed for the train and Hereford. We did indeed miss the bus. There was another one listed on the bus stop sign, but further investigation showed that it only went to the edge of Hereford, not to Hay. So, we approached a taxi at the train station and inquired if he would take us to Hay and how much would it likely be. It was affordable, so we had a nice taxi ride home.

So, what seemed might be an exercise in futility worked out rather nicely, on the whole.


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  1. Well, if this is the normal stuff…I rather liked it though!

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