August 7, 2009

We arrived around 10:35 pm on Thursday night. It was 98F and, amazingly, not humid. It was quite mild in comparison to our arrival last year when we arrived about the same time and it was brutally hot and humid.

On our way from the gate to baggage claim, there is a place where you can take the elevator or escalator. Last year, there was a large crowd waiting for the elevators and our guide who had greeted us at the gate and was escorting us through the arrival process was rather put out that we did not aggressively push our way into the elevator. This year there were only a few people waiting for the elevator, a few women and a young family. When it came, I was standing closest to it, so I stepped in first. The father of the family was quite put out by this and said, “EXCUSE ME. We… these ladies were waiting the longest.” Clearly he is a newbie. He is still operating under the rules of politeness from whatever country he is from. Ha, he will learn. I held the door and everyone, but Daddybird was able to get into the elevator, so it all worked out. Daddybird took the escalator and met me at the bottom. We had a good chuckle about the newbie and his “EXCUSE ME!”

There was a long wait through Passport Control, but other than that, no difficulties. We took a taxi home. The smallest bill we had for paying the taxi was a 50 dirham. The fare came to 32.50 and the driver did not have the right bills to make change. The security guard in our building had seen us arrive and come out to help with our baggage, so the driver asked him if he had change. He did not, so the security guard went across the street to the store to get change. This proves, without a doubt, that we are back in Dubai.


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