Laundry Ball

August 25, 2009

How to entertain your cat for about 2 minutes on laundry day:

For those of you not particularly interested in my cat, my apologies. We haven’t been out much, so haven’t been having any new cross-cultural adventures or taken pictures of interesting or amusing sites. We don’t currently have a car, I’ve been sick, and, lets face it, it is HOT outside, although not nearly as hot/humid as it was last year at this time. I’ve also been having DVD marathons with the DVDs we purchased on vacation. You probably don’t want to read my critique of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6, or whatever.

Our first box of books purchased in Wales arrived yesterday, so that was exciting. Unfortunately, the concise history of India that I purchased has turned out to be extremely dull. What is it with historians? They take an incredibly interesting topic and make as dull as humanly possible.

We will probably get a car next week, so hang in there and we’ll try to have an adventure or two. We’ve been here a year and have yet to see a camel up close. What’s with that?!



  1. Although I find Oliver very entertaining, I’m looking forward to pictures of you ON a camel. Maybe if you wear bright red glasses they’ll make a toy of you!!!

  2. I think we may try this..except Moses might just tip it over! We were expecting Oliver to!

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