Bert Video

August 31, 2009

This is Big Eyed Bert whom we picked up on the street Friday evening. You can’t really see how skeletal he was, but you might get a glimpse of his razor back spine. We had hoped that Oliver would like a playmate but, you can see in the background is Oliver having a hissy fit. We have kept them separated ever since, mainly to give Bert a chance to put some meat on his bones and to give Oliver a break, too. It can’t be easy having an intruder in his home. Amazing that it took only two weeks for him to become spoiled and possessive.
Bert is doing well, eating voraciously, and even had some camel milk last night. He even showed some interest in playing with toys for the first time last night. He is constantly looking for a place to nurse, so it is clear that he was separated from his mother too early, long before we found him. If Oliver doesn’t warm up to him, we will have to find another home for Bert. But, first he needs to get to a healthy weight.



  1. Oh, he’s a cutie, it’s a pity Oliver hasn’t taken to him but I hope Bert gets healthy and strong, seems like a very quiet cat.

  2. No surprised to see your second cat. I think that I’d be an animal rescuer there since you seem to have an abundance of kitties on the street. We’ve lived with multiple animals all my life and sometimes they grow on each other and sometimes they avoid each other, but I’ve never really had out and out war. The worst was my mom’s male cats marking territory. That made the resolve of no more than one male cat easy.

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