September 2, 2009

We were at Dubai Festival City shopping mall this week. These window displays amused me. A rainslicker is the last thing one needs here. When it rains, ain’t no slicker gonna help you or keep you dry.



  1. Quite right, here it rains buckets and forms side road lakes.

  2. They are a very pretty see thru blue….maybe they are more decoration than they are a covering.

  3. OK, second comment..thinking this photo over, do they actually wear this stuff? It looks very Western. Are the clothes under their abayas and what about the guys? And what do the persons dressing the dummies think???

    • Yes, keep in mind that the citizens of this country are only 3% of the population and, yes, the women are often wearing Western designer clothes under their abaya. Men who wear kanduras don’t wear Western clothes underneath. I can’t count how many sets of boxers I’ve seen showing through. Some wear lightweight cotton pants underneath.

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