September 13, 2009

The Red Line of the Dubai Metro opened this last week on 09/09/09. It is not the line that passes in front of our apartment. That line isn’t scheduled to open until March 2010. However, the central station where the two lines intersect is within walking distance of our apartment, so we will take a ride soon and let you know how it is. We were going to do it this last weekend, but everyone else had the same idea (over 110,000 riders in two days) and we had a lot of mundane things like house cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping to do, so our ride has been delayed.




  1. So does Sheikh Mohammed often ride public transportation? And how is he received by the public when he goes out? You mentioned that he’s well liked, but Michael Jackson or the Pope reception? or more Queen of England dignified?

    • I doubt that His Highness would ride public transport regularly, probably only on special occasions. He did ride the Metro on it’s opening night run, of course. There was quite a celebration, as usual around here.
      I’d say ‘Queen of England dignified’ would be the likely. He’s a very important and powerful man, but by all accounts very down-to-earth and approachable as well. They flew in a lot of foreign press for the Metro opening, many of which he interacted with personally. It was interesting reading some of their accounts!

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