Oliver’s day

September 22, 2009

Oliver had a big day today. #1 Sores on his lips & tongue #2 First ride in the car #3 First trip to the vet #4 Two shots & oral medication #5 Ride home in the car #6 Feeling better fast #7 Played with Bert AND had fun doing it. Major progress made today. Now he is deep asleep. Whew!



  1. All my cat expertise says you have a rare Emerite cat disease. What is “sores on lip and tongue” indicate? Glad all those firsts came to good.

    • Our vet was Scandinavian, I think, and only told us verbally what he had and it wasn’t written on the receipt, so I am not sure. But, it was a serious infection that, had he not rebounded so quickly, would have landed him in the cat ICU. Anyway, we will be watching Bert carefully for signs of the infection and in two weeks or so, take them both in for vaccinations, etc.

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