October 7, 2009

MusselTweetup1Last night’s social activity was a Tweet-up at the Belgian Beer Cafe for all-the-mussels-you-can-eat in 2 hours dinner.
MusselTweetup2And, even though we are out with people, Daddybird is on the internet. He is, however, tweeting about the dinner and since we are at a table of fellow tweeters, no one thinks this is rude or odd.
MusselsHere is the main attraction – scrumptious mussels. They were tender and tasty.
MusselTweetup3The walls are decorated with a variety of things including old portraits. I like looking at them, but I usually get a little sad when I think that this is someone’s great uncle Joe or grandpa Henry. How do these things get disconnected from the family?



  1. Hi there! Love your blog updates! Just a quick question….I understand that Dubai is modern and fairly liberal. I noticed what looked like alcohol on the table, are people allowed to drink? I thought that it was illegal due to Islam. Forgive me if I sound ignorant. It’s just that in the news I read of a woman who is going to be caned in Indonesia for drinking alcohol.

  2. I wonder about old pictures, too…Especially in places like the one you visited. And mirrors. I love standing in front of old mirrors and imagine what they might have witnessed…then, I get a tad freaked out and just stand next to them! lol.

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