Make-up for Film

October 13, 2009

At the last minute, I got the chance to go along on a student field trip to the Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi. We went to a workshop on make-up for film done by artists who worked on Lord of the Rings and 30 Days of Night. Here’s a sample of how they turned an ordinary guy into a vampire in 1.5 hours.
Makeup1Above, they have prepped his face and hair and are about to glue on the forehead appliance.
Makeup2They added nose, lip and chin pieces.
Makeup3They painted him and also put nails and paint on his hands. One has stunt nails that are flexible (won’t put an eye out), the other has harder nails meant to look good in close ups.
Makeup4Here’s a close up. Notice he has blue eyes above. Below, his right eye has a contact lens that makes it look black. Left eye is still blue.
Makeup6In goes the second contact lens. They also put in dentures, but my pictures of that did not come out well. You will have to imagine.

During the whole process they talked about the work they do, the products they use, and working with actors and directors. It was good to hear them tell the students that they are constantly reading and doing research and draw a lot from the medical field. What? Life long learning?


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