October 15, 2009

We went to the Safestway grocery store in order to buy cat litter that we think will actually clump (only time will tell). Here are a few things we saw.

Virtually lint free toilet paper

Virtually lint free toilet paper

What exactly is virtually lint free toilet paper? Who among you has ever wondered about the amount of lint your toilet paper might give off?

Canadian style sour cream

Canadian style sour cream

If it is Canadian style sour cream, why is there a large Slavic man on the carton?
DietFoodThis is the subtle and cleverly disguised DIET FOOD section. The Air Freighted sign actually applies to the lunch meat and hot dogs on the other side of the aisle. It’s not a fat joke, or anything.



  1. I just love your posts about signs and supermarket finds! They crack me up! I personally have never given any thought to the lint content of my TP. LOL! Hey I’m sure there must be some Slavic peoples in Canada…….right??? LOL!

  2. Come on, the lint count in TP is very important..it is a very dusty product!

  3. and is it REALLY called Safestway???????

    • Yes, it is really called Safestway and the sign is red and white with a big S.

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