October 16, 2009

The library staff, families and a few others went out for a bowling night, just for fun. Few had the faintest idea how to bowl. Made for a bit of chaos. I had to turn off the part of my brain that cares about abiding by the rules and common lane courtesy – like not stepping onto the wood floor area, if you are not the one bowling. Daddybird was afraid he was going to bean some of the kids with his back swing.
Bowling2It was strange to be in a bowling alley that wasn’t smokefilled and you couldn’t get a beer (or buy illegal drugs). I don’t think there were any pinball machines either. Not quite the American experience. Also, the TV screen between the scoreboards was showing a soccer game. Do American bowling alleys have football or baseball playing on TV screens?
Bowling3Above is most of us. Not all the family members joined into the pose.
CastlesAnd, to answer the inevitable question, yes, Emiratis wear abayas and kanduras when they bowl.Bowling4



One comment

  1. that is the CLEANEST bowling alley I have ever seen! Looks like fun, though. I miss bowling. Closest we ever get now is with the wii.

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