Manga Sushi

October 23, 2009

[Warning! Rachel, if you are reading this make sure you are sitting down and wearing flame retardant clothing. You might even want to have a fire extinguisher nearby. You might just burst into flame from pure envy.]

Manga Sushi

Manga Sushi

I stumbled upon an article in the online newspaper about a restaurant called Manga Sushi. We had to go check it out.

Manga Sushi chefs

Manga Sushi chefs

Dragon Ball Z was playing on the big screen behind the sushi chefs.

The Menu

The Menu

The menu included manga (Japanese comics, for the uninitiated) on each page. They also had a collection of manga novels on shelves and invited customers to read.

Green Tea Milkshake

Green Tea Milkshake

This is Daddybird’s green tea milkshake dessert. Yummy! (I had a sip just to make sure.)

Stuffed Pear dessert

Stuffed Pear dessert

This is my stuffed pear dessert – Asian pear with blue berries, raspberries and black berries with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Yummy, also, and you can even eat the dish, sort of.

The sushi was very tasty, too, but I did not take a picture. I was too busy eating it. (It took us a while to find the restaurant, so it was past dinner time and I was hungry!)

The Best Part – they play what seems to be their theme song and all the staff, including the chefs stop to dance. See for yourself:



  1. that place seems just made for FUN!

  2. Bon Apetite, that looks so delicious

  3. I’d say I have no idea what to say, but that would not be correct. I’ve got too many things to say! I did think of Joe’s Crab shack where every 15 min. or so the entire wait staff dance around the room doing the can-can and picking diners out of the “audience” to join in. Kind of messes with my comfort level.

    • They didn’t ask us to join in and they only did it once while we were there, so was just entertaining, not uncomfortable. Daddybird hates restaurants where they sing happy birthday to the customers or where they sing when you tip them.

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