October 24, 2009

We recently received two of our boxes shipped from the States. (Christmas decorations, yeah! I had the Peanuts Christmas song in my head the whole time I was unpacking.) The kittens went crazy “helping” and smelling all the exotic smells on and in the boxes.

Once the boxes are emptied, they become the bestest toys.



  1. Too cute! Do you trim their fingernails so they don’t hurt each other while playing?

    • We don’t trim their nails. It isn’t necessary. Kittens learn quickly how to play nice. If play gets too rough, one will vocalize in a way that lets the other know it’s time to back off.

  2. The cat in the hat had a box, too..and you have thing one and thing two!!!!

  3. The last shot is priceless. I just want to make up thought bubbles for their heads. BTW, just like kids, the boxes are always the best part! Ian got a big play house in a box (plastic, thick, sturdy) and he wanted the box made into the house next door. Guess where he spent his time 😉 the grandkids are getting appliance boxes for Christmas.

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