In The News Again, Again

November 22, 2009

Posted by DaddyBird

Our friends at Wild Peeta Fusion Shawarma Restaurant are helping to promote men’s health and fight prostate cancer by participating in the annual “Movember” event. They started a team called “Bu Shanab”, which basically means “the daddy of all mustaches”. They arranged for an interview about the subject with one of the local newspaper, so we went to lend our support. (I’m glad we did, especially since not a lot of other members of the team could make it that evening.)
As usual we had a great time at Wild Peeta with Mohammad and Peyman, the brothers who founded it, and several other friends on the team, all of whom we’ve met through Twitter.
There are other Movember teams and activities going on in Dubai this month, both for raising awareness as well as funds. As the article states, unfortunately there aren’t any men’s health organizations here in the UAE, so the funds raised will have to go to groups that support the cause elsewhere.

Read the article from the Gulf News here:

Find out more about the Movember event here: http://www.movember.com/


One comment

  1. How come Kanga’s not ‘sporting’ one???? Or are two enough in one family??? (Bert and Pauli)

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