Palm tree?

November 22, 2009

Take a good look at this palm tree. Anything unusual about it?
This tree is not only far taller than any other tree in town. It’s trunk is perfectly even and tapered. This is an artificial palm tree, probably disguising a cell phone tower. There are cell phone towers and antennas all over the place, none of which have been disguised or hidden, so why this one?



  1. A) someone really wanted a dr suessy kind of decor B) it is a transformer tree or C) shhh, you weren’t supposed to notice! Mission Impossible, you know!

  2. They wanted to be like California where they also hide cell equipment in palm trees, some real, some probably not so real. Soon there could be a whole forest of fake palms to enhance the landscape.

  3. Too funny! I’ve seen fake trees like that here in Utah. Of course they weren’t palm trees, but just as obvious in that they didn’t look altogether like a REAL tree. I suppose it’s better looking than a regular cellphone tower!

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