Oliver the Loud

December 7, 2009

So, when we complain about Oliver, this is what we are complaining about. He does this at any time of day or night. No real reason other than he is bored and wants to be entertained. Even his playmate Bert gets tired of him and goes off to hide from him, especially when he is acting like this. We have tried “water therapy,” (by which I mean squirting him with a water spray bottle) and he does not make the connection between being sprayed and being noisy. Distraction or locking him in another room are the only working responses to date. If it weren’t for the thick concrete walls of our apartment building we would have been thrown out for noise disturbance by now.



  1. Hank totally freaked out when I played this! Her tail got really poofy and she started hissing at the computer screen. I just found a new way to torment my cat!

    • Glad we could be of assistance. For a small fee we could ship him to you for the full freak out effect.

  2. He needs a voice-ectomy!

  3. He has quite a voice. Wow.

  4. We laughed and laughed and laughed..not at Oliver, but at Moses who was seriously wondering about the loud cat he couldn’t find near the computer speakers and at Max who was hiding under the cabinet with VERY wide eyes! Am wondering if his decibel scale will harm your hearing.

  5. Garey says you need the Cat Whisperer.

  6. Am I the only one who felt sad after watching this? :S

    • Don’t worry. He isn’t always this mournful. I’ll try to post some happy Oliver footage soon.

  7. DANG!!!! Spray bottle of water my foot! Get a fire hose on that mouth! :o) Let me guess…Oliver is part Siamese?

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