New Tattoo

January 12, 2010

Apparently, Oliver thought I needed a new tattoo.
Actually, it was a somewhat amusing event. I was cleaning the bidet and this was of great curiosity to the cats. It is amazing how fascinated they are with sinks, showers and running water and how loathe they are to get wet. So, Oliver was standing on the toilet seat so that he could get a good view of what I was doing. This would have been fine, but the lid was up. I did something that startled him and made him back up. This resulted in some splashing and his foot ending up in the toilet water. This I found greatly amusing. He did not. I didn’t want him licking the blue toilet water off his foot, so I grabbed a hold of him and tried to position him so I could use the bidet to wash his foot. This is when the claw was sunk into my arm. I did manage to rinse his foot and he was greatly disgruntled about it all. And that is how I got that lovely puncture wound/bruise.



  1. Wow, I’m so glad that you found this event entertaining. Take good care of puncture wounds as they can become reeeeealy infected. We’d had cats for years before one toenail poke cost about a thousand dollars in medical care. Who knew that because they use a litter box their toenails are full of things you shouldn’t get under your skin!

  2. OEEEOWCH!!!!

  3. It is healing nicely. The bruise is in the yellow phase, so will be gone soon. No infection, so dodged that bullet. I have a co-worker who was bitten on the finger by a cat and has had over a year of misery with the wound and at least one surgery. So far, our injuries have all been minor.

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